A Guide to Men’s Suit Styles

A Guide to Men’s Suit Styles, Whether you’re a businessman or somewhere in between

A Guide to Men’s Suit Styles And Details, a suit is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. It works surprisingly well for many occasions, including those that are casual. So, if you’re looking to achieve an effortlessly refined appearance, a suit can be the ultimate choice. Of course, to nail this smart and sophisticated look, there are a variety of factors to consider, including cut, color, style, and details. Luckily, our guide will teach you all there is to know about men’s suit styles and details.



Suiting Style

Single Breasted Suit

A Guide to Men's Suit Styles And Details

For the modern-day man looking to invest in a tailored suit, a single-breasted style is perfect for you. A more versatile option, this design is common, functional, and appropriate for a variety of occasions. A single-breasted style refers to a jacket, coat, or blazer that has one row of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric. Additionally, they usually have a notch lapel. The ultimate in understated elegance, the single-breasted suit is great for elongating the torso, creating a taller and slimmer appearance.


Double Breasted SuitA Guide to Men's Suit Styles And Details

A double-breasted suit typically has between three to four buttons on either side of the jacket. Additionally, this design of suit has a peak lapel, which works to make your chest appear wider. A sophisticated cut, the double-breasted suit is ideal for slimmer men. Available in a variety of styles and fits, a double-breasted suit is a must-have in your wardrobe for semi-formal and business events.


Unstructured Blazer

A Guide to Men's Suit Styles And Details

man looking for something a bit more casual and comfortable, you need an unstructured blazer. Best matched with jeans or chinos, this style is typically lightweight and roomy enough to fit additional layers of clothing underneath. The refined piece molds to your body shape, allowing it to drape more naturally and give you a relaxed fit. Above all, the unstructured blazer is a great choice all year round.


Half Canvas

A Guide to Men's Suit Styles And Details

If you’re looking for a suit on a budget, then a half-canvas design is the way to go. This style features a sewn canvas piece in the chest and lapel of the jacket and is fused down the bottom. This makes the half-canvas more breathable, comfortable, and long-lasting as compared to a glued interlining. A half canvas design is also much more affordable than other styles.

A Guide to Men’s Suit Styles

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