Do Your Shoes Represent Your Personality?

Do you believe that your shoes can actually represent your personality?

Do Your Shoes Represent Your Personality?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘’Show me your shoes and I’ll tell you who you are’’? There was a study published in the Journal of Research that found that our shoes can also reveal a lot about our personalities. It stated that “We wear our hearts not on our sleeves but on our shoes”. All women love shoes and we’ve all heard that “a pair of shoes can make a woman happy”. When it comes to what shoes to wear, everyone has a favorite style that often takes the lead because that’s what they feel most comfortable and confident in. Our favorite shoes may have more information about us than we can imagine.

What Do Shoe Styles Say About Your Personality?

Not all of us opt for heels but we all have a shoe style in mind that makes us feel good about ourselves and fills us with confidence when we wear it. Shoes can walk the walk, but they can also do a lot of talking and say a lot about your adventurous or determined personality. What can your shoe style say about you? What traits might it suggest that you have? Well, our footwear experts have the answers for you!

Do Your Shoes Represent Your Personality? Heeled Boots – Who runs the World?… You do!Do Your Shoes Represent Your Personality?

Ladies can be sociable persons, who love to travel and express their innovation. Like to plan for everything and be prepared for whatever comes your way, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected obstacles. Instead of living impulsively, you do prefer to have a strategy and always think three steps ahead. That’s the reason you also have good reflexes when making conscious decisions. You have tremendous confidence because you have worked hard to evolve as a person and that is something that makes people around you feel safe, while you also enjoy being the center of attention with your dynamic persona. You know your worth and that’s enough to run your world. So, take charge but don’t forget to take your power boots with you!

Backless Loafers – Here comes the sun, with you

Do Your Shoes Represent Your Personality?

Your choice of backless loafers could showcase your bright and level-headed persona. You are really down to earth and find enjoyment in hiking or just looking at the sunset. It’s a fact that you love nature and the refreshing feeling you get from it! Whether it’s walking by the sea or going on a trip to the countryside, you are always up for it. Your positive vibes, open-minded spirit, and pleasant personality are just a dose of happiness for anyone who is around you. You prefer to look for happiness in everything you do so, keep on going, while you wear your favorite backless sole mates.

High Heels – Beauty, is that you?

Do Your Shoes Represent Your Personality?

Your self-confidence is enviable. But when the time comes to get dressed up for a special occasion, you always end up with your favorite heels.  You are always determined and motivated when handling any situation that comes your way. Love and appreciate the finer things in life, whether it’s sentimental objects, people, or memorable moments. You are the best person to create a pleasing atmosphere and what’s a more pleasing shoe style for a woman than high heels?

Do Your Shoes Represent Your Personality?


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