Pins Solved Wardrobe Malfunctions

Pins Solved Wardrobe Malfunctions

Pins Solved Wardrobe Malfunctions


The humble safety pin is the hero of every story. Because the number of wardrobe malfunctions you can solve with one is endless. The modern safety pin is really just a piece of wire with a coil in the center that allows it. To open up when released. It was patented in 1849 by a man named Walter Hunt. Who then sold the patent for a measly four hundred bucks. Little did he know that its practicality would go on to make the new patent holder millions. At almost every fancy party I’ve ever been to, someone’s dress strap has broken. Necessitating a safety pin to fix it. (I once even repaired a hysterical bride’s broken zipper with a fistful of safety pins. I had stashed in my clutch moments before she walked down the aisle.) If you took the time to dump a handful of safety pins into the bottom of every purse you own. Right now, you’d pretty much be saving your own life. But a broken dres’ strap is only the beginning of its brilliant uses. Just by keeping a few different sizes of safety pins on hand, a girl really can rule the world.

The Strapless Dilemma

Strapless dresses are my biggest nightmare. Halfway through wearing one, it always starts to slide down, leaving my strapless bra hanging out. To avoid this phenomenon, I make sure to pin my bra to my dress. Taking care to only grab the thinnest, the innermost layer of the dress’s fabric. So that the pin isn’t visible from the outside of the garment.

The Emergency Zipper Pull

I own multiple jackets and sweatshirts that have been sporting a safety pin replacement zipper pull for years. It’s simple, it works, and you can add a random charm to it for extra cuteness.

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Pins Solved Wardrobe Malfunctions


The Broken Shoe Strap

It’s insane how even the most expensive pair of shoes can randomly snap a strap and leave you hobbling on the sidewalk. Keep a two-inch safety pin in your bag so you can hook it through the busted buckle and then stab it through the strap to get yourself back on the road.

Flip-Flop Blowouts

The classic flip-flop mechanism is a “T” style peg that pops into the hole in the sole and holds itself there. When you get a blowout and the peg will no longer stay in the hole, just guide the peg back into the hole and ram a safety pin through the bottom of it to mimic the “T.” I speak from personal experience: this lazy fix will last you at least six months of heavy walking.

Keep Those Buttons Closed

You are probably all too familiar with being in the middle of talking. To someone and suddenly realizing that half of your shirt buttons have popped open. For an easy fix, pin the space between each button closed with a miniature safety pin.  You can master the art of grabbing only the tiniest bit or inside layer of the shirt fabric. Rendering the safety pin unseen from the outside of the garment.

Master the “Instant Alteration”

It’s amazing how many ill-fitting garments you can transform with a well-placed safety pin. My favorite track is to gather a hunk of fabric at the back of the neck. Fold it in a sort of “accordion pleat,” and pin from the inside. Just like that, a top that was too big at the bust or under the arms is hiked up. Cover the pin with your hair and move on with your life.

Pins Solved Wardrobe Malfunctions

Repair Jewelry on the Go

This is where it pays to have a few sizes of safety pins on hand in both gold and silver tones in the same fashion. If you have the right size pin, you can usually run it through the links of a broken chain to repair it and play it off as a style detail. Restring a Hoodie You can easily put a string back into a hoodie or pair of lounge pants using a simple safety pin. Just pin it through one end of the string and use the pin as a guide to working it back through the hole. I taught this trick to an actor who exclusively wore hoodies on a show, and he liked to give me heart palpitations by pulling the string out between takes and seeing how fast he could thread it back in before the director called “Action!”

Stop Static Cling

Simple safety pin science is the secret to keeping your tights from sticking to your skirt. in addition Pinning a safety pin to the inside lining at the hem of your slip or skirt will conduct a small amount of static electricity and therefore help stop clinging. (A safety pin or two at a skirt’s hem will also help weigh down a hem that loves to flip up endlessly!)

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