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The Right Pants, Finding a pair of pants that fit correctly is a nightmare for almost every single woman. Take heart—you are not alone! From petite to tall or curvy to stick figure. It’s a constant battle to find something in your price range that doesn’t pull, tug, ride up, or bunch unflatteringly. And if you happen to be supermodel height? Good luck finding an inseam long enough to graze the top of your shoes. You’re likely going to spend the rest of your life pretending that ankle-cropped pants are “so totally in right now!”



Let’s start by talking about denim. Jeans are one of the hardest pant styles to nail down properly. I regularly bring twenty or more pairs of jeans in for an actor’s first fitting. We end up trying on almost every single one! Maybe you find that all jeans have a tendency to slip down, exposing your backside and underwear to the world. There’s also a high probability that most jeans you’ve tried on dig into your stomach in an uncomfortable way. These problems often occur when a person with a long torso chooses a style of jeans that are cut way too low in the waist, cutting her off right at the middle.

The right tool to solve these problems is a higher-waisted jean—so in the future, you long torso-ed gals will know to seek them out, no matter what style is allegedly “in” that season. Forget boring haters droning on about “mom jeans,” because a higher waistline will hit your tummy at a better spot and act like a corset: giving support and providing a long, uninterrupted line when you bend over. (Which also means zero panty flashing!) And since they fit snugly around your actual waist and not low on your hips, they won’t slide down every five seconds.

The takeaway here is that when you find something that fits your body and performs the action you want it to, nobody notices whether it’s technically “in” or “out.” They just think you look great—all the time— and that particular fit then becomes a permanent part of your personal wardrobe toolkit. Knowing what fits you properly takes almost all the confusion out of shopping—instantly


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